Challenger Bank Sterling innovates in UK Market




A former chief operating officer with AIB has said she left the Irish banking sector because it was easier to set up a new bank in the UK than to “fix a broken system”.

Anne Boden, who was a senior member of AIB’s management team between 2012 and 2013, left the sector afterwards to set up Starling Bank, a UK fintech start-up that launched in the UK in 2014.

Prior to her time with AIB, Ms Boden was head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa global transaction banking with RBS.

In terms of the culture in the Irish banking sector, she said that customers were now demanding more from banks.

“All over the world, there has been a huge move to be far more customer-centric,” she said. “The banking crisis was very, very tough, and it was particularly tough in Ireland. I think consumers and the public generally want better and more from their banks.



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