Producer Benefits


Allow a huge variety of potential customers to consider your innovations and services.

Establish a separate Marketing channel that will allow you to talk to potential customers with a mandate to change things (i.e. innovation staff) rather than just maintain the status quo.

Allow your Innovations to be seen by all potential Innovation Consumers , your target customers, rather than being blocked by your potential customers Vendor Management team.

Innovation lead on all insights, analytics, and intelligence initiatives across the company, which involves innovation, product research and development and commercial application in financial services.

Responsibility for growing the business, inputting requirements re products and identifying new tools, data sets, and approaches that will keep offerings competitive.

Generating innovations for consumption by consumers.

Consider positioning of your companies Innovation versus your peer competitors and your potential customers

Access industry trends and opportunities.

Position their company as "cutting edge" innovation.

Integral in setting company innovation strategy in terms of opportunities and risks.


Committed to practicing innovation.

Transformation leader in business and experience.

Creative company representative.

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