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allpago has deeply internalized that merchants seeking for a payment solution for Latin America want to focus on leveraging sales and reaching the digital buyers, while their single partner for the region takes care of processing payments. allpago provides merchants with the most relevant payment methods, legal and taxes know-how, local advice and an operation with the highest security standard in the industry, the Level One PCI DSS.

Gateway Services

Through its gateway, allpago offers one-click and recurring payments with real time authorization and enables merchants to capture local LATAM payment processing.

Payment Collection

allpago makes merchants lives easier by streamlining settlement in the local currency and multi-currency transfer of funds for selected payment methods.

Risk Prevention

By offering a fully integrated Risk Management solution in a PCI DSS Level 1 – 3.2 Certified environment, allpago guarantees the highest levels of security and safety.

Additional Services

allpago also offers a Business Intelligence Platform, customized reporting, tax advisory, multilingual 24/7 customer support, professional services and proactive support.

Brazilian Payment Processing
Eighth biggest economy in the world, Brazil is the most relevant and mature e-Commerce market in Latin America with a 40% share.

To succeed in Brazil, international companies must satisfy local needs with national credit cards and Boleto Bancário, as 80% of Brazilians use local payment methods. allpago gives you access to all relevant payment methods, monitors regulations and increases your revenues.

Mexico Payment Processing
Mexico is the second largest e-Commerce market in Latin America with 18% of the region’s volume and represents an interesting opportunity as industry experts expect a compound annual growth rate of 25% in the upcoming years. By offering credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and Oxxo, allpago covers all national payment methods and supports merchants in exploring the Mexican market.

Argentina Payment Processing
With a new liberal government in place since December 2015, the Argentinian market has opened up for international business. Argentina is the third largest market in Latam and is forecasted to grow at faster pace than any other country in the region. The country is expected to grow 28% in eCommerce until 2019. Cards and cash-based are critical in eCommerce transactions. allpago provides access to all main payment methods in Argentina.

Colombia Payment Processing
Colombia has been announced as the ‘new Brazil’: profitable and well regulated, it has a promising prospect for exponential growth. Sales through e-Commerce are expected to grow by a 18% value CAGR from 2015-2018, but the actual rate might be higher as e-Commerce is still in its developing process. allpago gives international companies access to the main Colombian payment methods: credit cards, Botón PSE and Vía Baloto.







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Allpago international operates as a payment solution provider for global merchants and other payment providers active in Latin America.





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