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Through our team of highly trained professionals, Irisium is able to offer a holistic surveillance system with global multi-asset capability.
Irisium is able to offer a strong case management system for both compliance and business users through power visualisation tools and intuitive workflow.
Our surveillance system allows for smooth integration into the order management system, market data feeds and news for firms. This is combined with speed, ease and flexibility of deployment.
At Irisium we are able to support MIS reporting, giving managers and business leaders an overview of the business from various perspectives, from compliance to operational.



Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, such as MAR, REMIT and MiFID II, is key for market participants. At Irisium we provide, clear and contextual surveillance to help firms navigate the complex and sophisticated markets in which they are participating and prevent market abuse.
Irisium is a market leading provider for real-time and t+1 batch solutions in the surveillance industry supporting multiple asset classes and trading protocols from RFQ to CLOB.
By providing a clear and contextual surveillance system, Irisium assists with mitigation against potential financial and reputational risk arising from market abuse.



Irisium provides trading venues and exchanges with highly configurable alerting and behaviour monitoring parameters to allow for greater control and calibration to help keep pace with continuously changing market conditions.
At Irisium we support multiple asset classes (including Crypto), trading protocols (from RFQ to CLOB) and venue types (Bulletin Boards, OTF, MTF, Regulated Markets). Powerful visualisation tools on our system display and convey complex trading information in a clear and concise format.
Irisium analytics help our clients form and manage orderly markets. Market abuse alerts help to detect malpractice and therefore mitigate potential financial and reputation risk. By producing clear and contextual surveillance our clients can identify the key information within a mass of data.




Through consolidating and organising market and trading data from multiple trading venues and market data sources, Irisium is able to give a harmonised view of the entire market to allow regulatory bodies to detect and investigate market abuse
The system makes available the tools and analytical data to enable regulators to identify, track and investigate any trading activity
Irisium is already utilised by European regulators for the monitoring of market abuse under MAR and MiFID II



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Irisium provides insightful analytics and contextual surveillance to exchanges, regulators, buy and sell side firms. This enables market participants to meet their regulatory and compliance obligations with confidence.
The Irisium solution has been developed by a team of regulatory and market experts, underpinned by great technology. This means that firms can meet their surveillance obligations with confidence, gaining insightful business intelligence with ease.



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