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It’s free to register and begin creating a pitch. The first step is to answer some simple questions about your business so you can check that you meet our investment criteria. We know how important an entrepreneurs time is, so we don’t want to waste it with the submission of an application if it won’t be suitable for our investors. If you do meet our criteria, then please complete and submit the online overview of your pitch for our team to review.

Expert review
We will review your application within two working days of you submitting it, and will then contact you. If we think your pitch will be suitable for our investors, we will arrange a call or meeting. This is our chance to get to know you better and discuss the best approach to getting you funded.

Raise investment
It’s important to find the right lead investor for your business, someone who can conduct due diligence and add value once you’re successfully funded. If you don’t have a lead investor on board yet, we can match you with one through private introductions or one of our pitching events. After that, we can put your pitch on our online platform and open the funding to our wider network of investors.
Keep investors up to date
When the online pitch closes, your new investors will have private access to your dedicated investor relations portal. Here, you can provide updates on your progress, ask for their advice or let them know about future funding rounds and get consent for matters that require a vote. This makes investor communications quick and simple, so you can focus on scaling the business.



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Angels Den is a face-to face Angel network, with Regional Managers across the UK, Singapore, Asia and Middle East busy finding entrepreneurs and Business Angels and bringing them together.





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